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Circuit Board 3.4ghz transmitter and receive unit

Circuit Board 3.4ghz transmitter and receive unit


This is a complete unit with the aerial that we are selling for parts

The unit has a whole host of interesting parts on including op amps, ic's, filters, duplexers etc.

originally designed for a point to point link by Antenna systems, signals were passed over the link at around 3.4ghz and then that was brought down to a point that could be sent over the internet via what looks like a telephone line or maybe an IP point on a network.

This is interesting from a radio ham point of view as it maybe possible to isolate off the transmit and receive side of things and make a mini repeater or a small fixed link, whatever it is useful for various inductors and ic's that are there, the aerial is also interesting to see how they have constructed that.

We are selling these just for the boards and parts but a clever engineer could reuse these in many situations and of course re-box and sell for a huge profit.

We have about 100 of these

A bargain for £10.00

we will ship as the complete unit and you will have to break open


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