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Jackson Brothers Variable Capacitor clear out 5 per order


We have some old boxes that are full of various types of capacitors that have been built but maybe not tested, maybe they were a special for a customer.
They may have a vane bent or strange shaft fitted, we were intending to take these to a radio show but don't have the time.
We will take a mixture of 5 at random for £15, these are mainly under 100pF, we do not guarantee they are fully functional, we do not say they work at a certain voltage, these are tarnished very old stock from our Jacksons sample bins, one capacitor can cost more than these 5.
If you order 2 lots we will try and find 10 different capacitors but we are limited to what we have and this is a ham offer for people who love a bargain.
All sales are sold as seen, no warranty it's a pot luck offer, these capacitors are no longer in production.