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Mosfet BUZ900 N Channel 8amp 125watt 175 volt power audio fet T03 package


Mosfet BUZ900 N Channel 8 amp 125watt 175 olt power audio fet T03 package

A Range of Audio power mosfets widely used in high power audio Amplifiers, we offer the standard T03 range broadly similar to the Old Hitachi 2SK135/2SJ50 power mosfets at 160volts and a more rugged version capable of 200 volts line supply Old designs and datasheets used to require that you common up 4 devices 2 pairs of T03 on one heat sink but often this caused microphony and capacitance problems, to solve this the manufacturers have very cleverly squeezed in a second die internally so in broad terms a single BUZ 900D is output wise the same as two BUZ900 parts, this makes amplifier design much simpler. We offer N and P channel devices, also where space is at a premium there are some plastic cased versions, we have a range of surplus heat sinks that are perfect for making amplifiers using these types

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