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Radio Aerial straight or 90 degree angle item 434

Radio Aerial straight or 90 degree angle item 434


Good quality radio aerial with right angle or straight connector and male TNC plug.

No frequency listed our guess 900mhz or around 450 but it's a guess as they came with a lot of communications stuff, mayby someone can check?

We have recently increased our prices. For some of our parts the price is listed in the item title , for example: 10uf 16v capacitors Item 140, 100 pieces for £1.00, we have been unable to change this. The quantities per order are correct but please look at the buy it now for correct price.

Our postage prices have changed as Royal Mail has increased their prices. They have also changed their postal weight groups, so we have tried to change our pricing accurately but we will be checking our orders to make sure they are correct. We add £1.00 for packaging and handling so if your order arrives and you have been charged more than this, then please let us know so that we can refund you and change item listing.   Thank you.