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Radio Modem

Radio Modem


Wimax Modem?


We do not know exactly what these are, the box measures 21 x 16 x 7.5cm

Under the lid there are connections for Ethernet and a serial line, there is an output TNC

On the box it is marked WipLL IDR external aerial 2.4ghz

Our guess is that it's a sort of Wimax or WiFi modem, it's really a guess but we believe it to be a transceiver with an Ip address so you can plug your Pc or network in and it will see the Ip/Mac address and then route signals to it which can then be relayed to another station almost like a virtual cable but in fact there is a radio element inside, the unit comes with a power supply while the stocks last.

we welcome any input to correct our description

Made by Marconi  more in stock call and we will add to ebay more qty if you need to order more than listed

This gives some info on the item.

After asking about info I managed to track down a fair bit to this website -

They have manuals and current/latest firmware and comms programs for the IRD Modem.

Just for extra info when reflashing these I found it more reliable to change the IP range with the serial lead and then flash the new firmware over the network.

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