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Red Recessed 3mm LED Indicator, Pk of 5(Item# 243)EBT

Red Recessed 3mm LED Indicator, Pk of 5(Item# 243)EBT


Red 3mm Indicator with Integral Resistor.

A high quality 3mm LED panel mounting LED indicator with integral resistor for direct connection to a 12V DC supply.  Fitted with nut and washer.  Connection via faston (2.0 x 0.5)/solder tag terminals.  CE approved.

Operating current: 12V  30mA

Reverse voltage (max): 5V DC

Viewing angle: 80 degrees

Operating temperature range: -55 degrees c to +70 degrees

Dimensions: Bezel diameter 7, thread M6 x 0.75

mounting hole 6, tinned tab is cathode

L behind panel: 28.9 for prominent; 30.4 for recessed

Luminous intensity at operating current: 50mcd

Made by EBT

£5.00 for a pack of 5


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