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size 300 x 40mm  bargain heatsink

size 300 x 40mm bargain heatsink


Heatsink Bargains


We have a large range of Heatsink off cuts or Extrusion ends that have come into stock

These represent excellent value for money and are heavily discounted in price from our normal stock range; we have a huge variation in size and shape, something for everyone.

Many parts are not normally stocked by distribution so some forms are being seen for the first time in the public market.


These heatsinks are unfinished so have sharp edges/swarf or some slight bends and scrapes but perfectly acceptable, extrusion ends sometimes have a slight wave on the fins but again perfectly acceptable for hobby and amateur use.


The stock is changing every month and some really interesting enclosures are available that can be made into boxes with the addition of front and back plates, if we see some lines moving well we will include these into our standard range.


Dimensions are exact on the width and height but the depth can vary a few mm either

way due to the different setting of the cutting saw; please check exact dimensions if it’s really important to your project.




PF 04


Depth of these may vary from 29mm -40mm please contact us if you need exact size

ideal fro building slimline amplifiers

This profile is part of our standard stock

UK shipping maybe cheaper depending on weight

Please enquire for overseas shipping costs

We have recently increased our prices. For some of our parts the price is listed in the item title , for example: 10uf 16v capacitors Item 140, 100 pieces for £1.00, we have been unable to change this. The quantities per order are correct but please look at the buy it now for correct price.

We have increased post charges due to the Royal Mail increasing their prices. They have new price ranges so we have done our best to accurately update our charges but we will be monitoring costs to check we have done this correctly. We add £1.00 for packaging and handling so if you receive an item that seems alot more than this, let us know so that we can correct it and refund you for the overpayment. Thank you.