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Stainless Steel Magnetic Pickup 48mm/fast-on (Item 139)

Stainless Steel Magnetic Pickup 48mm/fast-on (Item 139)


A compact and robust magnetic pickup fitted with 2-wire sensors that do not require an external power supply.  They are used to sense the movement of a ferrous target, whereupon a voltage will be generated within the sensors coil.  The amplitude of this voltage will depend on several factors, but primarily the target size, distance and speed.  The induced signal produces a pulse train, the frequency of which may then be converted by instrumentation or interface equipment to rotational speed (e.g. rpm), or engineering units (e.g. flow rate).

Logitech P/No: MPU1501-1

Resistance: 350R

Inductance: 150mH

O/P voltage: 20V pk-pk

5/8th x 18tpi UNF-2A (body thread)

£18.75 each


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